Amphibian Aerial is a CAA Approved Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operator. Focussing on producing high quality images and video according to customer requirements, we can snap beautiful pictures at weddings, can carry out structural surveys of roofs and hard to reach places without expensive access equipment, or even produce stunning short videos to promote businesses. We’re flexible and innovative, so please contact us if you have a project that requires a drone. Safety is paramount, we will take care of all the necessary safety checks and paperwork prior to each and every flight. We are also one of a few operators with full permission to fly our Drones at night. Based in Cambridge, we can work anywhere in the UK.


Amphibian Aerial offer a view of the world not normally seen without massive budgets. Publicity, marketing, live events or weddings, can all benefit from a birds eye view. Call us today to discuss your requirements.


We can capture 4K UHD or Full HD Video from any of our aircraft. This can add an amazing new dimension into publicity videos, music or art-house films or any other purpose.


Our UAVs can take 4K video of roofs, walls or other hard to reach areas. We can send a live link to an on-site engineer who will be able to assess and give feedback. This allows for speedy and cost effective inspections.

We can fly our UAVs almost anywhere and at any time of day or night. However there are some legal limitations that we have to stick within.

  • Maximum 400ft above ground level
  • Maximum 500m from Pilot
  • Minimum 50m from Persons, Structures or Vehicles not under our control
  • 150m separation from large events (>1000 people)