Aerial filming and photography adds a new dimension to any wedding film.Our UAV can place a camera in places simply not possible before and bring a real element of “hollywood” cinematic production to any wedding movie, or to give an incredible angle to wedding photographs.

Our UAVs can capture stunning images and video of your special day. As specialist aerial photographers, we work hand in hand with your wedding photographers or videographers to add that unusual angle.

We are the preferred supplier of Drone services to Hedingham Castle in Essex, and have vast experience of working in and around other heritage venues.

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There are said to be 4 questions that any couple should ask anyone offering you Aerial Photography for your wedding.

  1. Experience. John, our chief pilot has been flying UAVs for around 3 years, and has been professionally qualified since 2015.
  2. Equipment. Amphibian Aerial have a range of drone equipment available, from a very basic Phantom2 that flies with a Gopro camera all the way up to our S900 that flies with a Panasonic GH4 4K camera. All of our drones have GPS and stabilised camera mounts, to give great quality images and video.
  3. Local Knowledge. It is a legal requirement in the UK for any individual or company offering aerial services to have permission from the CAA. Amphibian Aerial have this permission (copy available on request) and are fully insured. Before any photo shoot we will do a full risk assessment of the venue, including the airspace around.
  4. Examples. We are happy to show you examples of our work. In fact, you can see a couple of images below, or just look at our Gallery page